SMS entryID - Windows Mobile Software Development

I'm looking for the entry ID of the SMS message Store. Can you give me it?
In fact, I would like to have all the parameters to use the OpenMsgStore MAPI function...


Alternate SMS Software?

I was wondering if anyone uses any other software to do SMS or whether everyone just uses the normal messaging app.
I've found that the standard app doesn't seem to do new lines - so when I get email alerts from Orange, they are all on one line which is hard to read.
Also, if someone calls when my phone is off, Orange sends me an sms alert with the number in. On my old Treo 600, it highlighted the number as a link - when I clicked on it, it popped up a box which allowed me to dial the number - and, if the number was in my contacts, their name appear in the title bar of that box - very useful! - on my M2000, the number just appears as plain text so if I dont know the number then I dont know who it is (you can't search contacts by a number can you??).
I am desperately seeking this "phone number link in SMS messages" too!
Anybody wanna tackle this one?

[AppDev] HowdyKeith's Mortscript Apps for Pushing Progress

Here I am going to reposit the multiple dev topics i am working on and a dev blog and where we r pushing.
Some of these topics will have been discussed before and apps released.
I am going to take 'em and tie em together for bigger goal.
Some of these Mortscript apps were written a long time ago and can benefit from a more robust version of Mortscript.
Also I will post as many script tools here as I can. Some tools are scripts I have written but don't deem their own thread. Other things are the real applications I find indispensable.
Links to real apps...
ai Cab Explorer:
Webpage Cabgrn for making registry cabs
Links of Mort utils.
Wav player - Mort seems not to want to play different types of wav files. This app will let u test them through mort. I will list the types that Mort doesnt play and the types of wav it does play.
bluetooth functionality.
Currently there is no working Bluetooth toggler for phones with the Widcomm bluetooth stack. I made a working toggler with the help of Pocketmax PhoneAlarm. I am pretty sure i can make a stand alone bluetooth toggler now.
With Phone alarm i can have the bluetooth go on and off when I plug my phone in. As long as I can use Phone alarm I have that issue licked. I could Mort that, but Phone alarm is so great that if I can use it, i do. All these apps I work with I am stuck with the trial versions, but since I end up resetting my phone every other week that never is too much of a problem.
The remaining issue is with turning on Microsoft Voice command with my car settings. We're going to take a look at that here. For auto profile switching i can detect if the car is connected AND my computers bt dongle is connected, i am at home: (disable the car bt so i dont miss calls) Also if first connect of computer after being connected to car, auto run ActiveSync and sync up.
Also I can have Voice command msg me with spoken msgs using the SMS sender I wrote. What could work better is to make appts and have voice command read those. I expect to bump into some walls.
After a number that is unknown but the number is available can popup a while pages with the number.
sill want a whois posted to the dialer screen status. will the internet kill the call? no, right?
So my phone cant run but i can make it work with mortscript. also phonelog should do this on my phone can do this, but it is always 5 hours off when it stores it. i have complained about this bug for the last 2 years or so, but since i am the only one with this problem, updates have never fixed this for me. obviously i should just write my own.
A good hard look at the connected to internet detector. Why does iexplore connect to the internet and morts sometimes don't?
One more for the pie.
Issues and walls that are suck.
I dont have GPS, or even rkLocation. WTH. But I do have internet. Which means maybe I could use a web page What;s my ip to get a location. I couldnt use that to drive a map program of course but just maybe I could tell that I was not at home and set my bluetooth and stuff to on.
Some apps use a static location. If i can get a zip it might be possible to inject it for the app to use.
Also, we can't detect how much memory a program takes up, for example in a task manager. but we do know how much memory was available before we opened the app and then how much free after.
phone creeping.
Just between u n me.
A number of lost phone apps can do certain remote tricks. I don't want to reinvent any wheels, but none of these apps work on my Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone. To tell the truth I already have gotten most of the lost phone functionalities working with StatusTicker. But we can go a bit further than just send back SMS with GPS or even rkLocation (I can do that, sure). Here are some additions I will be workin on shortly:
Remote activation of cameras to take some pictures and remote live video.
Remote trigger an online backup.
File Forte (Auto FTP backup)
Apps that capture documents and upload em to online could also capture the call logs and sms logs.
Dashwire (I better hurry while it's free)
Qiik? sends video
Send Back data:
Send me all my SMS Received/Sent
Send me my call history
What's my phone's Ip?
Remote purge
Remote lock
Turn on the bluetooth and annoy the neighbors. It could be possible to turn on the bt and then use it like a range finder with a different phone. Of course we can just unmute it remotely if its muted and trigger an alarm sound.
Downloading on a smartphone
I'm Batman
Here we will look at keycap ing and how close we can approximate it.
Using Iexplore as a config editor.
I am pretty sure I can use html pages to modify config ini's.
By having the page pass itself the arguments on the url, they show up in the page title and thereby can be reintegrated with Mort.
I already set up the html a few years ago on a e-commerce site I worked on. I found my old javascript codes which pass and interpret the ? and & variables you see in the url address bar. This means I can can use check boxes, input boxes, etc...
I am thinking this is going to be very cool.
Poor mans motion detector
So can we make a motion detector?
take picture
take another
compare size.
if size <> image has changed.
What about taking a picture/screenshot and if its black then we can check its size and see that it is dark?
If there is no native camera click option, and we can't access the camera sometimes, we may be able to leave the camera view open and then take screenshots with a screenshot app and then use those picks...
Mort doesnt give size of an app in memory.
so we would have to subtract the new free space from the old memory. yikes?
AppToDate - Mortscript support and integration
integrate Apptodate version checking and updating without using apptodate:
AppToDate Subroutine for Mortscript
So I have AppToDate support in my Voice command app. So if you have AppToDate it will report whether you need an update and can download and install from there.
I have made a subroutine for your AppToDate supported mortscript app so it can check for an update.
We could have it download the updated cab. I can't use the download command since I have a smartphone. I guess I could make the PPC version and then have my app run AppToDate on my Smartphone.
And to think I hesitated.
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Infra red receiver/transmitter
i wonder if i can make a Infra red receiver/transmitter with mortscript?
Well we cant do infra red output. but we could activate the infra red receiver and then use a remote control on it?
Phone Utils
Can we identify the caller and if known, open the contact with that callers name. Yes, I think we can.
Solution : all system sound in headset
I found a solution for route all system sounds in a non-stereo Bluetooth headset, the microphone still works for calls but at the end of a call the sound is back in the speaker and must restart to make it work again.
Does anyone know what is the problem?
To do this we must change a registry value: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Widcomm\Connections
Choose your device hands free in the right folder 0001 0002 0003 ....
And change the value of BDDevClass 24 04 04 to 12 01 04
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so u can detect what the window title is and active process
(8:56:04 PM): sorry
[email protected] 8:56 pm
(8:56:10 PM): oh
(8:56:19 PM): ya i use wad for that
(8:56:24 PM): but ya that would be great
howdykeith 8:56 pm
(8:56:24 PM): huh
[email protected] 8:57 pm
(8:57:21 PM): wisbar advanced has this option to do stuff, like change SIP and what not, so you can activate this based on active process, active window.. so i use that to see what windows are open.. but your idea i would use daily.
Get Lifestream on your mobile phone
You can now receive Lifestream updates on your phone from selected Buddies.
Learn About AIM TXT
AIM TXT gives you access to AIM by sending simple text message commands to 246246. Just enter 246246 in the TO: field of your text message and then an AIM command from the list below in the message body. The full AIM TXT menu will be sent to your phone after you send 'login' to 246246 and reply with your Screen Name and password:
update your AIM Status Message
Ex: status having lunch with Chuck
send an IM to a buddy
Ex: send ChattingChuck where are we meeting tonight?
log in to AIM Ex: login avail - set yourself to appear online and available; you can also update your AIM Status Message in the same command
Ex: avail
Ex: avail I'm back from lunch
set yourself to appear online and away; you can also update your Away Message in the same command
Ex: away
Ex: away at dinner until 7pm
set yourself to appear offline; you can also update your AIM Status Message in the same command
Ex: invis
Ex: invis playing a round of golf
get a snapshot of your Buddy List (all buddies in your 'Mobile Device' group)
Ex: bl
add a buddy to your 'Mobile Device' group
Ex: add GabbyGrace00
del a buddy from your 'Mobile Device' group
Ex: del ChattingChuck
login with a different Screen Name
Ex: switchsn
some examples of AIM TXT commands
Ex: help
Facebook Text Messages
Facebook Text Messages let you use Facebook through text messaging on your phone.
You can text Facebook to update your status, message your friends, or send a poke on the go. You can also choose to receive texts with messages, pokes, and wall posts from your friends right when they happen. (Standard text message rates apply.)
What do you want to do? Click to see preview
Update status is at john's party
Message msg john smith what's up
Search search john smith
Get cell # cell john smith
Events event
Wall Post wall john smith happy birthday
Add friend add john smith
Send text messages to:
32665 (FBOOK) Facebook Text Messages Demo
Enter a text below to preview what would happen when you send an SMS to 32665 (FBOOK).
To: 32665 (FBOOK)
Send Twitter updates by text message
If you add your phone to Twitter, you can update anywhere, anytime by simply sending us a text message! Once your phone is verified, you can start sending (and receiving!) updates instantly. Depending on where you are, you may have a local number. You can send a text message to any of these numbers and it will post directly to your Twitter profile, and be sent to all of your followers:
We currently support 2-way (sending and receiving) Twitter SMS via short codes and 1-way (sending only) via long codes.
Short codes for 2-way Twitter SMS:
US: 40404
Australia: 0198089488 (Telstra customers)
Canada: 21212
UK: 86444 (Vodafone, Orange, 3 and O2 customers)
India: 53000 (Bharti Airtel customers)
Indonesia: 89887 (AXIS and 3 customers)
Ireland: 51210 (O2 customers)
New Zealand: 8987 (Vodafone and Telecom NZ customers)
1-way long codes:
Germany: +49 17 6888 50505
Sweden: +46 737 494222
All other countries: +44 762 4801423
We're working on getting more local short codes for other places, and we'll update this list as they become available. If you travel out of the country, check with your mobile provider to see if they route text messages to local short codes, of if you'll need to use the international number instead.
If you use 40404, you can send and receive unlimited messages from Twitter, but we do advise you to check with your provider to make sure your text plan covers text messaging. If you use one of our other numbers, you're limited to 250 messages per week, refreshing every Sunday at 12:00am GMT.
For people using any number other than 40404: once your phone is verified, you'll be able to send your updates to +44 7624 801423 , but you will not be able to receive text updates from Twitter. Find out more on the Twitter Blog.
A word of caution for UK residents using the international number: some carriers don't charge an international fee to use the Twitter international number within the UK, but others do. Some carriers consider it an international number and charge from .15 to .25 per message. Remember to check your phone plan for international rates; be aware that even in the UK, standard messaging rates vary by carrier, and do apply.
howdykeith said:
so u can detect what the window title is and active process
(8:56:04 PM): sorry
[email protected] 8:56 pm
(8:56:10 PM): oh
(8:56:19 PM): ya i use wad for that
(8:56:24 PM): but ya that would be great
howdykeith 8:56 pm
(8:56:24 PM): huh
[email protected] 8:57 pm
(8:57:21 PM): wisbar advanced has this option to do stuff, like change SIP and what not, so you can activate this based on active process, active window.. so i use that to see what windows are open.. but your idea i would use daily.
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+1 on a simpilier solution
nhvoltagenh said:
+1 on a simpler solution
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Hope u r happy now!
1 script. Click for on, then click for off. No BS.
Do aim url links work on win mobile?
About page in IE
(Contact too)

Anyone have experience with SMS handling within Android?

I'm trying to solve a problem for Google Voice users, and looking to pick the brain of someone who may know a thing or two about how Android handles SMS, particularly how an app can be set to be the "default" for messaging.
What is my goal, you ask?
Make it possible for Android users to default all new messages from their Google Voice number, rather than the carrier. Yes, you can just remember to initiate a message inside the Google Voice app, but when responding to a missed call or clicking on message from a contacts screen, it will open the system's default SMS app and send from the carrier number instead. Confusion often ensues when the recipient doesn't recognize the number. We're trying to avoid that, as many of us GV fans use it as our primary number and don't know or care what the carrier # is. In other words, we want to avoid sending from the carrier if at all possible.
But doesn't Hangouts do this already?
It did. While Hangouts supported SMS, we could set it as the default app and then tell it to use Google Voice as the default for all new messages (rather than the carrier). This worked pretty well... anywhere in the OS that you want to initiate a message (call log, contacts screen, etc), it would open hangouts screen with GV as the sending service. But now that they are killing SMS support in Hangouts, it seems they are also removing the ability for it to be the default for all messages. They're actively pushing users to switch to another app for SMS, and you can't set it as the default currently unless you install an older version first. Eventually it will probably stop working altogether.
Why not just set the Google Voice app as the default for messaging?
It seems Google does not want us to be able to do that. The app does not have the option to. I'm wondering if it is because it doesn't actually support carrier SMS messages, and perhaps that would create a conflict in OS experience design? I'm not sure.
What is your proposed solution? Making a new SMS app from scratch is a lot of work, and Google's third party support for Google Voice is very limited...
I understand. Realistically, what I'm wondering is, would it be feasible to create a very simple forwarding app. In other words, a small third party app that could be set as the default for messaging, which could just forward the new message request to another app? Google Voice shows up as an option to send messages from other screens, such sharing an image or link. Heck, so does Hangouts (which will still support Google Voice integration, just not the ability to be the default app). The problem is when initiating a text from the dialer, contacts, or call log, it doesn't give us a context menu to choose from. It only goes to the default app. What I want is the ability to intercept that request and then choose the app to default to ourselves! Preferably the Voice app, but even Hangouts would be acceptable... or if possible let the users decide!
Possible pitfalls are
1) Do apps that support being set as default messaging require being able to actually handle carrier SMS? I could understand if that was a requirement from a UX design perspective, but is it actually an OS limitation or is it possible? I recall hearing once that the FB messenger app supports being set as default for messaging, but I don't understand how that could work, and I haven't found reference to it yet (don't use FB messenger personally).
2) If the Android OS would allow it, would it actually break carrier SMS? I know setting Hangouts to be the default moves all carrier SMS into Hangouts, and if switching to another app it would move the messages to that one. If my proposed forwarding app works, would carrier SMS messages just go nowhere? Occasionally the carrier does send a service announcement or bill reminder, etc, and I think it might be important for those to go somewhere. Or maybe not... I'm not sure how the OS handles this.
3)When a request for a new SMS is made, is the request done in a way that can be re-parsed for another app to handle? I really can't find much or any documentation on how this is handled, but I know the information is out there since Android supports third party SMS apps.
I have had trouble finding documentation about how any of this works from a developer's perspective, so I'm hoping someone where could shed some light on whether or not my idea is dead in the water before I pour too much effort into trying to figure this out. Thanks!
Did a little digging after I posted this and found some info on some dev forums elsewhere.
Seems, as I feared, that in order for an app to be supported as "default" for messaging, the requirement is that it include the handlers for SMS/MMS. This appears to be because whatever app is set as default for messaging is the app that is responsible for receiving and storing said messages. So if my app proposed above were simply to forward messages to another app, and not actually handle carrier SMS/MMS at all, any messages that DO actually come in from the carrier (notifications, payments and outages, etc, which I get from time to time) wouldn't go ANYWHERE and cause a great big user experience flaw.
So that answers some of my question. The next bit is... can incoming messages be forwarded to another app, such as the Android Messaging app that they are trying to make the new standard? Then perhaps this idea could still work. It might make more sense for a pre-existing Messaging app to simply support forwarding to google voice on new messages (or heck, Google should add GV support to Messaging), but I'm not sure how realistic that will be.
I've been thinking about this problem for a while, too. Both Hangouts (for those who have GV linked to it) and the GVoice app probably still have specialized intents to receive message data, so that they can forward them along; the key is to find out what to send to these apps.
I see the problem as only one-way: basically, capturing SMS intents as the default messaging app, then sending the user either to the message-entry screen in the target app (GV/Hangouts) or sending the message directly if that was in the intent. And I thought that there might be a less hair-pulling way to do it, by creating a messaging "shim" app:
* Use an existing, plain vanilla SMS app as a basis. For instance, just pull the one from AOSP. In addition to the new functions below, it will take care of carrier SMS.
* Offer a setting to choose where outbound SMS goes by default: in-app (carrier), GV, Hangouts, etc.
* Add a screen banner saying something like "Carrier SMS" or showing the carrier's phone number.
* If the default outbound app is not in-app for carrier messaging, add a screen icon for jumping into that default-messaging app set by the user.
In this simplified setup, there's no need to handle _inbound_ SMS via GV/Hangouts at all -- because that app will pop up its own notifications, and jump into its own app when its notifications are tapped. Similarly, notifications raised by this customized SMS app, from carrier SMS, would go into that app. No special logic required for any of this, simplifies things a lot.
The end goal from a UI perspective would be, _if_ the user chose a default outbound app other than this one, then the following behaviors would be received by this app and forwarded along to the target outbound SMS app:
* selecting the SMS icon for a contact would, via this app, open GV/Hangouts with that number ready for message entry;
* sending a fully formed SMS via any app, e.g. voice entry via Google App or Assistant, would be forwarded to GV/Hangouts for immediate sending.
(EDIT TL;DR: The problem, distilled, is how to make *initiating a new message from elsewhere* use the real desired app; the desired app will handle it from there.)
The UI problem here is that it will be sort of a "dummy" SMS app. It will handle carrier messages, but there will be people who don't even get carrier messages (FreedomPop comes to mind), so it's another app icon to ignore. Still, it would be the fastest path to resolution and, for most users, would act as a "shim" between native SMS handling and GV/Hangouts (or maybe even other messaging apps?).
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FWIW, I do understand Android development, though I'm totally green on UI elements. So if you already have some technical know-how here, I'm happy to collaborate to help make this happen. I think this would be soooo much better than having to shove in Xposed (which slows down Lollipop and later) and use XVoice++.
i have just started developing on android. am a new bee with very little knowledge. i have read you post and it had given me some food for thoughts for my messaging app. i liked your idea and wanted to know about your progress. i want to collaborate in your project if you are interested.

Android: Notifications over Bluetooth MAP Profile

Information in advance: as I am new I can't post links, so those are plain text.
I want to be able to forward the notifications of specific applications to my car.
The car is able to get the SMS list of my phone, so it would be great if the notifications appear inside there (e.g. WhatsApp).
After further reading, I have realized that the Bluetooth MAP Profile ( is used by my car to communicate regarding SMS.
I found an application in the play store that does exactly what I need:
Notification Forwarder Pro (
Unfortunately the big drawback is that you have to set it as default messaging application.
And I do not want to do this.
Does anyone know about an application/possibility to achieve what I want without the need to change the default messaging application?
In the best case I would just have a whitelist of notifications I want to send.
Thank you already!

Question Is there a way to get announcement of SMS sender?

I found a way to get the caller's name to be spoken -- but I guess there is no built-in way to get this to happen for a text message? I would be nice to know who is texting without having to look at my phone.
TechnoHippie said:
I found a way to get the caller's name to be spoken -- but I guess there is no built-in way to get this to happen for a text message? I would be nice to know who is texting without having to look at my phone.
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I found a way, but it's not built-in and I think you'll need root.
I installed 'text to speech' from the play store, typed in 'messge from .........' saved all the names I wanted and transfered them to system/media/audio/notifications/sound theme/calm (root needed?)
Then chose their name as the ringtone, works in whatsapp aswell.
i did something somewhat related as well. i went into a text to speech website and created both a ringtone and an sms tone for specific contacts only. so say if i'm driving and the sound comes "liam calling" or ä message tone of "sms from liam", that will be from my son which i need to address as it might be urgent. but if the generic tone "sms" or my usual ringtone comes up, i don't address it right away. i went one step further for the other notifications. i created ones for teams, messenger, office email etc.. so say when the tone "front door" sounds, this is the camera in front detecting a person.