where do i get .def(LIBRARY RILGSM, RIL)for rilgsm.dll, ril? - Windows Mobile Software Development

Hi all,
I am trying to write my own API's for communication between pocketPC and SIM.
Can any one please guide me where to find ril.dll and rilgsm.dll relateds and how to open these library.
I have gone through the mesasge posted(Posted:Sat Feb 01, 2003 23:50) by 'W4XY' on .def's, can you please tell me how did u got this? do we get definition of these function prototypes? such as:RIL_SendSimCmd @ 93 ;
RIL_SendSimToolkitCmdResponse @ 100 ;
RIL_SendSimToolkitEnvelopeCmd @ 98 ; etc.
please help me
Thanks and regards


Hello i need a Keyboard Update for my HW6515

i need a file from the FTP: BA_GER_Hardware_Keyboard_Patch_for_WWE_ROM.cab
But i become always the same message: perimission denied.
Please can Anyone send me this file?.
It is at these Adress: ftp://xda:*****@forum.xda-developer...A_GER_Hardware_Keyboard_Patch_for_WWE_ROM.cab
Best Recards derfiesevermummte
hw6515 vs. BlueAngel
Why do You suppose the driver for BlueAngel should work with Your device?
in the Link is BlueAngel written. :roll: . And i read this in a Forum. Where the Link come from.
Mfg derfiesevermummte

Help to a Beginner? Rom upgrade...

Hello everyone.
I've found this site whilst i was looking for a Windows Mobile update for my Pocket PC.
First off all, i want to mention that i have a Wallaby PW10A1 ( The one in the attached picture seems is not this one, only similar ), i suppose since the seller in my country has changed the brand as it's own. It's running Windows Mobile 2002, which i don't like at all.
Do any of you guys can guide me
Where to find a ROM that'll work on my PPC? Whether WM2003 or WM5
List me what's to be done after getting ROM?
Can share other applications, if needed during this upgrade period?
Model Number: PW10A1
Processor: ARM SA1110
Speed: 206 Mhz
Current ROM: 3.20.03 ENG
Rom Date: 07/22/03
Radio Version: 3.25.00 ( What's this one? )
If there's anyone to help, i'ld be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
[ http://pdaturk.com/aspx/haber_detay.asp?id=174 Other info about this... ( Turkish Page )]
The thing is, i have selected selected and selected stuf till no place left.
Clicked create rom..
01:07:49 --> Creating ROM... Please be patient. Process may take some time.
Ever thought about supporting the kitchen?
Why not using the time required for cooking to donate to the kitchen? ;-)
Still waiting..
Where the hell is this rom?
Allright, i've downloaded and installed a customised ROM.
ERROR: GetDeviceData - An existin connection has been closed forcefully by a remote server.
error getting devicedata
and i'm getting an
Cannot execute remote communication program. Please naje sure that the USB/Serial cable is properly connected.
error. I've installed WM2003 Final 4.02.04 ENG QTEK at first. But due to using it for the first time, i've added some useless appz in the rom too. Now i've cleaned them but.. It's useless i can't update this time.
Any help?
BTW, i've downloaded NK.nb1 too instead of rom.exe... How will i use this?
Alright, active sync didn't work.
so i had to learn and use Flash Upgrading.
I've no problem at that area now, except
what are radio stack versions, i mean differences.
and which shoudl i install for mine? for a better one

i-mate jasjam crossfire5.6

hi friends,,,,,,,,
i have i-mate jasjam and my preblem is i got thomson access which is medical contain drugs and diseases so the problem when i try to open give me reguiers crossfire client 5.6 or higher anybody can help in this matter i will very thankful.......................: :
3336057 said:
hi friends,,,,,,,,
i have i-mate jasjam and my preblem is i got thomson access which is medical contain drugs and diseases so the problem when i try to open give me reguiers crossfire client 5.6 or higher anybody can help in this matter i will very thankful.......................: :
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Maybe you should post in the jasjam forum?
This is the universal or JASJAR! forum.

IGO on Magellan Please HELP

Hey everybody ..!!
I've got a question for you guys I'm going on organized trip to Israel and I've got a MAGELLAN RoadMate 1200 with windows CE 5.0 I searched the net for a solution to install IGO on that device I found on this forum instructions that were not clear enough and I know that there is a way to do that.
SO ... in bottom line how can I Install IGO on a US Magellan 1200 Thank-You ! very much for being helpful !
Thanks Darren.

[NOT ABLE TO UPGRADE] Videocon v2950 wm6.1 to 6.5 upgrade

Hello Geeks,
Re-posting i here as a senior member updated with me about a wrong location i had posted earlier. MY apologies and thanks to him
I have a Videocon V2950 mobile. The company can be seen be easily searched . Thats a very reputed company in India which has newly stepped into the mobile market.
I am a newbie and wanted to flash ROM to upgrade from wm6.1 to wm6.5.
I read a lot in the xda-forums and the info i received was amazing and got a know a many new things about the ROM. I tried flashing an HTC ROM but the device type is not recognized in the initial process. And if i still continue then the device disconnects from active sync asa the upgrade starts (Although with a different ROM, which i understand is not the right way)
The specifications I see in my mobile are as under:
About info:---
Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
CE OS 5.2.20758 ( Build 20758.1.4.1)
Processor: Marvell 624Mhz
Expansion slot: In use
Device Info is as follows :-
Software Info:
PDA Version 03.09.00
PDA Build 0909041059(1.74)
Stack Version V02.43
Stack Build: Aug 29 2009
Radio Vesrion 1.3
Radio Package 2.2
Hardware Info:---
IMEI : xxxxx
CPU Marvell PXA300
Rate 624Mhz
Screen Resolution: 240*400
Color: 65536
Blue tooth V2.0
Blue tooth Add.. : 001860035CAE
Wi-Fi : IEEE802.11b/g
Wi-Fi MAC Add: xxxxxxx
Please let me know what can be done. I appreciate all your suggestions.
Many Thanks
please let me know if you need any information in the mobile, i shall be more then happy to try getting it from the mobile
it is difficult to find help as these are rare models
yeah i understand, so coming to the geeks for shelter
it also has aspb shell installed in it
typo- its spb shell v 3