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I have written a nice helpfile (banking.htm) for my Pocket PC application.
I can install this helpfile with a cab-file on my Pocket PC in the Windows-directory.
But I also want a lnk-file (shortcut) in the windows/help-directory.
What is to code in the inf-file for cabwiz to achive this ???
And what must I do, that my help is listed in the Start/Help, where the helpthemes are listed ???
Thank you for any answer.

take a look at wcesetup.chm (which came with eVT3/Pocket PC 2002 sdk). In the CabWiz section there is an item called CEShortcuts... there are some examples at the bottom.


Debugging wm2003 exe and dll files??

I'm very new to programming, but I will do anything to make the eten bluetooth manager function correctly (thanks to vijay to have uploaded it to us) I think this will be the ultimate ms stack upgrade..
I searched a lot, and still haven't found anything simple that simply debug those bt manager files (exe and dll)
Anyone know anything good? Usable? Practical? :lol:
Any help is welcome; I've already looked to VB6 app but is way too complex.. I only wan't to debug, nothing else (for the moment )
Cheers, MocciJ
Unfortunately the only widespread pocketpc debugger is IDA (trial version available).
If you only need to get access to resources etc, check out Resource Hacker etc. Or use the Visual Studio resource viewer.

Customise the device picture in Windows Mobile Device Center (Vista only)

coffeevictim said:
Vista users, want to have a nice Black 3.0 icon in your Windows Mobile Device Center and My Computer like what i've got?
Then do this…
1. Download and extract sync.ico to a temp location (eg. desktop).
2. Connect and fully sync your device in WMDC.
3. Copy sync.ico to the /Windows directory on your device. This is a pain in Vista as the /Windows directory is hidden by default. Just copy the file anywhere on your device and use File Explorer on your device to cut and paste it into the /Windows directory.
4. On the PC, go to Device Manager in the Control Panel (select Classic View), expand Portable Devices, right click Pocket PC and select Uninstall.
5. Disconnect you device, wait 30 seconds and then reconnect your device.
6. WMDC picks up the device icon. Your WMDC partnerships are not changed.
jasjamming, for future releases, if you PM me the latest splash screen I’ll send you back a new icon. This can then be placed in the /Windows directory ahead of release so that it works real nice in Vista straight out of the box.
To customise this icon I used Axialis Icon Workshop for which there is a fully functional demo here.
So if you want to create some more for Dutty, LVSW etc then please do so and post them here. I'll add my generic HTC Tytn icon.
The main source of this post (and original icon) is here. You can also find lots more icons there.
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Thanks for generic version - will try to create a 'Black' icon specifically for the Orange SPV M3100 - will post it here when it is done.
There is allso thread like this in the hermes general forum, with better picture IMHO..
Here is my icon for Black3 for the Orange SPV M3100
ps. thanks to coffeevictim - the icon workshop made things very easy

Request PPC software in T-Mobile Dash

Hi, i need help, I really need a ppc software (Handy Patients) in my t-mobile dash, i googled a lot and i found how extract the files from the cab in its original form, but when i copy to my smartphone, doesnt work, please help
see the informative link within this post ... titled "How to run Pocket PC applications on your WM smartphone"
courtesy of "Menneisyys"
Dont work, actually i think there are no ppc software that works in dash, because the size of the screen, well, thanks for your help, if you have success please post

connection between HTC P3600 and PC undder linux

I've a new question for the community:
I'm working under linux (mandriva for professional of tux) with a PC dell latitude D600 which doesn't have a bluetouth connectivity.
Is someone know a tip to connect my HTC to this system, someting like activesync under linux ... could he tell me that ?!
Big thank
Try SynCE and multisync. But, as far as I know, this device is not yet supported.
If you can make it, please post a small how-to
you're right ! not yet supported, i've test it before !!!
so ...
You can use a program such as WM5torage to change the Trinity into an "external USB key" to copy programs onto your SD card. But of course, if you're looking to sync contacts/agenda, then that won't do it.
It comes in handy to copy over CAB files however.

Lookin for a free cab maker

ive got wince 3.0 but it goin to expirer and a friend on here gave me wince the portable one, but cant get it to work with my win7 64bit even after changin to run in winxp service pack3 and run as admin. if anybody could help me find one u can pm me thanks..
LiquidXed said:
ive got wince 3.0 but it goin to expirer and a friend on here gave me wince the portable one, but cant get it to work with my win7 64bit even after changin to run in winxp service pack3 and run as admin. if anybody could help me find one u can pm me thanks..
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Try QuickCab v2.0 free!
I initially also used QuickCab but since it lacked some features (for one the ability to use a custom setup.dll was removed in version 2.0) and IABovine apparently stopped development I searched for alternatives:
Pocket PC Setup Creator - free for non commercial usage
Phone Setup Creator - not as much featured but author seems open to suggestions
Extendir Cabs - a cabarc GUI made for creating cabs for extendir
MSCEInf - excelent cab setup extractor (it preserves the file names and setup structure)
There's however no free cab setup "editor" that I know other than WinCe Cab Manager...
PS: QuickCab version 1.0 is not in the original thread so I attached it bellow.
thanks man, ive got a hex edited version of wince 3.0. does that Pocket pc creator have an expire. ?
No expiration date, nag screens or anything else... You get the complete version (almost since you can't use a custom setup.dll) not just a trial.