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Hi all,
I have written a very nice help-file for my Pocket PC -application (banking.htm).
(The help-system on pocket PC is excellent!)
And now I want to include some bitmaps (screenshots of my application) in this htm-file to be displayed when looking at it on desktop-PC with a browser, but not with help-system on Pocket PC.
Is this possible? How?
Thanks for answer.


Haw can I handle extern microphone event (click)

I need to get the click of my pda extern microphone (a wallaby with pocket pc 2002 phone edition) witin my application.
My application is written with Embedded VC++ 3.0.
Could Anybody help me?
Thanks a lot.

Can a Windows Mobile 2k3 PPC be displayed in landscape mode?

Hey guys,
I have an Ipaq h6315 and it doesnt look like they will be releasing a WM5 upgrade for my system; therefore, I'd like to find out if anyone know of a program, tool, registry key or anything that will allow a Windows mobile 2k3 system to change the display into Landscape?
If you know of anything that might work and could share the info with me i would really appreciate it!
Will V.
Thanks for the reply Vijay. Is that the name of the application i have to look for?
PHM tools?
Thanks again!
Is the 6315 running 2k3 or 2k3se? The original 2k3 didn't include screen rotate, but some people on this forum found a way of copying the Screen Rotation Service from a SE device to a 2k3 device. It was quite a while ago, but there will be something on this forum.
The original topic can be found here...
I have regular Windows Mobile 2003 (non-SE)
thank you for giving me that thread info, i'll look and se if it'll work with my device!
Once again, thank you!
I installed the tool posted on the thread you gave me but unfortunately for me it didnt work. Maybe because mine is an Ipaq and those dlls are patched for a himalaya (maybe)
Just wanted to thank you anyways!
I have no specific idea about WM2003 vs WM2003se, but you want to try PHM key tools or something like that. It includes a lot of useful shortcuts, including screenrotation.
Thanks again Vijay!
Would you happen to know if PHM Tools is the same as PHM power toys? I've been looking for it and so far all i've found from PHM is the Registry editor and Power toys.
Thanks for the help!
By the way i tried "Virtual Display" from and it rotates the screen pretty nice and it has other useful options; however, when accessing the mobile phone application in landscape mode only numbers 1 thru 6 show on the dialpad screen
I'd like to try PHM tools and see if its able to display the dialpad correctly.
I have it
I have a copy of Nyditot and when I used wm2003 I thought is was very good.
Yes, Nydiot is great.
PHM - not sure what it's called now, I've taken my installation apart, but basically I have PHM Keys. Might be part of Powertoys. They're used with voice command etc as well, but contain a bunch of shortcuts. Try them all, they're all useful IMHO!
Vijay: Cool! I'm going to download the PHM Power toys since that's the only thing i've found so far (too bad i cant do it now since i dont have the usb cable at work LOL)
Littld: Were you able to see all numbers in the keypad when you used Nyditot in landscape mode?
I still have the tool installed in my PPC but when i try to use the phone in Landscape mode the numbers (dialpad) does not display all the buttons (i'll try to get a screen shot wheni get home)

Editing Conacts on Desktop

Hello everybody!
anyone knows a good, preferably free tool, which allows to edit the contacts on the pda on a desktop pc? i am not using outlook...
You could use thunderbird and other free tools to sync your contacts/calendar/mail and in this way edit your contacts on a desktop pc.
Read this:
thx, LGSilva, for your answer. this is not a bad idea, but still not what i am looking for...
maybe there is no such thing, like a standalone contacts editor...?
Found another solution for you:
My Mobiler v1.0 (06/24/2007) - FREEWARE
View your mobile screen on your desktop.
Control your mobile by using desktop keyboard and mouse.
Copy/Paste text between mobile and desktop.
Capture mobile screen.
Drag and drop files to your mobile.
Requires ActiveSync connection.
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wow, very cool indeed!
thx, LGSilva!

activesync remote display on wm6?

i tried to make it work, but aparently it wont support wm6.
so, what can i use in replace of the old windows mobile remote display?
thank u!
soti works fine
Another vote for
Works great on both my Hermes and my Kaiser
ricm said:
i tried to make it work, but aparently it wont support wm6.
so, what can i use in replace of the old windows mobile remote display?
thank u!
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My Mobiler works better for me as self installs the files.
as far as active sync remote it did work fine for me. but i prefer the My mobiler as is more versitile and doesn't require copying files from the windows mobile power tools to the phone
How to make it work!
To get Activesync Remote Display working on WM6, just drop the attached two files into the /Windows folder on the phone.
The PC program will still whine that it doesn't recognise the OS, but once you click OK, it'll come up perfectly anyway! I just make sure the two files are baked into every ROM I flash because that way I don't have to re-copy them after a hard reset.
Thank you ! It really works !!!
Thank you, Thank you Very Much.....
is this like remote desktop except for the mobile? can u use the mobile to view full desktop OSes?
yes soti works good for me.
JediFonger said:
is this like remote desktop except for the mobile? can u use the mobile to view full desktop OSes?
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Nope....this is for controlling your Windows Mobile device from your desktop PC; you get a desktop window showing the device screen and you use your PC mouse/keyboard to operate it.
(My personal preference - as someone suggested above - is MyMobiler. That does the same thing as Activesync Remote Display - and then can copy/paste between mobile & desktop, take screen shots of the mobile, etc.. have a look at and see what you think).
Remote Desktop - for viewing/controlling PC desktops from Windows Mobile - is available in WM 6 and above, but it's got its limitations. You have to connect using a password for one, the scrolling is horrible....some people swear by it, but it's not for me
Hope that helps,
Download the attached file cerhost.exe.
Run this program on the host computer
Yup, I tried the Mymobiler too, it's wonderful, great job. rocks!
hey! rocks...I have been using HTC touch with WM6 and installed this thing..It is working wonderful and doing great. Thanks to all
Adnan Shafiq
Trust in we!

[REQ]App to control HD from laptop

Hi Guys!
A friend of mine has a Nokia cellphone that is connected trough bleutooth with his laptop. When he wants to sent a SMS, he simply uses the software on his laptop to quickly sent these messages. Also when he has an incoming call, a small pop-up windows appears at the bottem of his laptopscreen with the caller ID.
Is there a software that can do this for the HD?
I use mymobiler application...
Do a search with google
Or you can use
> EveryWAN Remote Support Personal Edition
vinumsv said:
Or you can use
> EveryWAN Remote Support Personal Edition
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Thanks for the suggestion, pretty cool software, like a free premium version of MyMobiler, with remote task manager, remote registry editor, video recording screen actions, etc - HD-compatible, in English or French language versions.
But I think the threadstarter, quoting Nokia Comms Suite, is more interested in software with very similar features, and at that MDesktop excels. The other two allow you to send and receive SMS in a UI similar to Outlook Express resp. from inside Outlook 2007. (free)
I came across TrueConnect from Raspberry Soft...
bot not sure about the name of the prog cos i didn't use it for long...
this basicly allows you to control your HD from desktop with your mouse and keyboard when you move your mouse to the edge of the screen - then the cursor appears on your device and you are good to go it is funny, you can customize which edge to cross to get to device (top, left, right)...
As far as I remember, you can even switch the program to display your HD's screen on your laptop's screen and control it from there.
So I guess it is cool - BTW google should find it real quick.
Hope this helps.
PS: I am not sure about connectivity...I used USB2PC connection and don't whether there is another option...
SOTI Pocket Controller PRO is my favourite
very easy to use and even have suitable skin for you to choose
Thnx for all the fast responses! I'm going to check al your suggestions!
Check this programm from Swiss:
Full control of your Win Mo PPC. It's not for free but I think it's really cool and helpfull.