How to recognize an XDA - Windows Mobile Software Development

How can I capture the XDA within my asp program? I want to be able to offer restricted functionality to an XDA user.

If it's a web application then you can use the browser info... It's not very only XDA but Pocket Internet Explorer 2002 browsers only.
; Pocket PC 2002 (code-name: Merlin)
[Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.02; Windows CE; PPC; 240x320)]
browser=Pocket Internet Explorer 2002
platform=Windows CE


MS eVB 3.0 using ADOCE SDK Pocket PC 2002 ////// O2 XDA ??

I'm using embedded Visual Basic 3.0 with the SDK for Pocket PC 2002
I have a program which creates an ADOCE database.
Seems like people having XDA can not create the DB.
Would it be their running Pocket PC Windows CE and not the
Pocket PC 2002 thing?
Is there a SDK for the o2 XDA that I could download and use with
MS eVB 3.0.
I'm quite unfamiliar with O2 xda using a Fujitsu Siemens
Pocket Loox 600 running Pocket PC 2002 myself
Otherwise I'm quite well thank you, as I hope you are.

Windows Mobile 6 Clipboard

The clipboard functions on Windows Mobile 5 using Xbar and SmartToolKit works flawless..but after upgrading on Windows Mobile 6 (T-Mobile), i can't use that function anymore..anyone having the same problem? TIA
Maybe they're using a different API in WM6 for those functions. It doesn't work for me either.

Office Mobile not Work

Having a problem with my Excalibur T-Mobile Dash. When I run office mobile word excel or powerpoint happens nothing...only folders come. I tried to install office mobile 5 and also 6 got in this forum but the error comes like "can't open...... " etc etc. I upgraded and downgraded between Windows MObile 6 and 5. But no result. I can't use either word or excel or prpnt.
Please help
If memory serves, Office Mobile v6 only allows you to OPEN Word, Excel, or PPT files and, in my experience, not all of them successfully opened. Office Mobile 6.1 lets you CREATE new Word, Excel or PPT files as well as open them (and, once again, that open thing is spotty).
Office Mobile 6.1 came with my Kavana wm6.1 ROM.
yea to create docs you actually have to import a blank one from your pc and then on the phone modify and save that....

Internet Explorer Mobile 6 And WM6.1.4

Internet Explorer Mobile 6
Windows Mobile 6.1.4 Emulator Images
Oh nice, are you guys going to add this to your remake rom?
So is pie6 similiar to the Deepfish web browser? As I remember, that was a pretty cool browser but I have lost my install for it.

Internet Explorer Mobile 6 in windows mobile 6.1...?

this it possible...??any cab file to install in my devise?
why would you want to when you have opera 9/10?
i love internet explorer.........